What does Equational Theorem Prover do February 10    1

http://www.cs.unm.edu/~mccune/eqp/What does EQP do? Is there any paper that explains what it does?README and other read files do not provide such information - it only talks of how to use it and not what theoretical background of it is.It seems to do

minimize this objective function February 10

I have a function to minimize and I don't understand how I should proceed. The function is coming from a publication.Background: In a 2D image, $P_1$ and $P_2$ represents 2 patches of colors (RGB) which overlap one on the other (these 2 patches have

The distance covered by the Ant is: February 10

The distance covered by the Ant is:
A set of concentric circles of integer radii$1,2,...N$ is shown is the fig above. An ant starts at point $A_1$, goes round the first circle ,returns to $A_1$ ,moves to $A_2$, goes round the ...

Fraction walk through on hold February 10    1

Fraction walk through on hold
$$0.824 = \frac{n/20\cdot 1}{n/20\cdot 1+(1-n/20)\cdot 0.5}$$ Please answer this question with step by step. Thank you so much...........................................0 5

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